Prestigious computer repair center in Binh Duong

Prestigious computer repair center in Binh Duong top 1

To find a Prestigious computer repair center in Binh Duong, it is really difficult for most people, not just you, because there are many computer and laptop repair shops today, including many shops. Quality goods, poor service, replacement parts do not guarantee quality, can not fix long-term errors, this makes customers feel suspicious about current computer repair services.

Reputable laptop repair center

Thiensoncomputer Center is the perfect choice for your computer solution. Prestigious laptop components, we confidently receive computer repair right away, laptop repair at home, professional macbook repair in Binh Duong.

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of computer and laptop repair, we affirm that you will be absolutely satisfied with Thiensoncomputer’s service and warranty. Here, we will repair any component such as hard drive, card, keyboard, monitor, adapter… depending on the condition of your computer.
In particular, repairing laptop mainboard is Thiensoncomputer’s strength.

Your computer is losing power, not charging…
Power, battery and signal problems
Laptop is running off
Opened the laptop but got a blue screen error, slow, hanged ….
Criteria for evaluating reputable laptop repair centers

Sửa máy tính tại nhà quận Tân Bình
Sửa máy tính tại Gò Vấp

1. Establishment time

To evaluate an experienced and reputable laptop repair center, you should first pay attention to the age factor. Centers that have been in operation for many years are often trusted and chosen by customers.

2. Number of branches of the center

The number of branches of the center also reflects the reputation of the center.

3. Highly rated by customers on google

This factor not only helps you evaluate a reputable laptop repair center. Today, with increasingly modern technology, you will be able to find reviews and ratings of customers about the service of any center, if that website
Going to the top of google shows that customers are very trusting.

4. Listen to customer feedback

To evaluate a reliable computer repair center, especially based on the reviews of customers who have used the service.

Commitment of Thienson Computer

– Our company brings the best services, the best quality to customers.
– Check, evaluate, diagnose errors quickly and accurately
– Quick repair time.
– The machine is in the same condition as when it was received.
– Do not arbitrarily change any components without the consent of the customer.
– Commitment to customer data security.
– Refund if you cannot repair your laptop.
– In addition, we also provide home computer repair services, computer maintenance, printer repair, ink refills, office computer maintenance, professional network, and – if you need advice, please Contact via Hotline: 090 2002 558 – 096 5550 636 for free consultation.
You will be satisfied and completely secure when you come to the technical center – warranty repair service of for the fastest, most cost-effective service. is a Prestigious computer repair center in Binh Duong with the leading reputation, long-lasting quality.

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