Thien Son Computer specializes in providing WIN installation service for reputable, instant macbook – the price is only 250k for all Macbook models. Services for foreigners when fixing computers, macbooks.

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Services for foreigners when installing Win at ThienSon Computer

– Professional technician team, with over 8 years of professional experience.

– Time to install macbook quickly, only 40 minutes and up to 1 hour 20 minutes for installing the application software.

– The installation process under the witness of the customer, you may require technical installation of more applications you often use.

– We will advise on how to use the application and how to use persistent macbook for you.

The benefits of installing Win 7, 8 10 for Macbook.

SERVICES FOR FOREIGNERS Install win for macbooks

– There are many customers who want to use both operating systems in a single macbook for convenient use. In particular, Windows is used for playing games and working, while Mac OS is used for programming, graphics, watching movies …

– You will save 1 investment fee for Windows laptops, just 1 Macbook is enough.

– Come to ThienSon Computer immediately to install 2 operating systems on 1 Macbook to have a lot of experience today.

Service for foreigners when repairing Macbook at ThienSon Computer

– Repair Macbook gets into water, flashing, does not accept charging ….

– Fix Macbook not up, no source for photos …

– Fix Macbook can not access the network, Bluetooth, network connection error ….

– Replace the Macbook screen.

– Replace the Macbook battery, replace the Macbook keyboard, replace the mouse from the Macbook.

– Upgrade RAM, Cpu, Macbook hard drive.

– Install the operating system for Macbook.

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